Walk Uganda 2017

roz 10 - crop 1240TFM team members regulary go abroad on evangelsitic missions.  This year’s team was made up of 12 members who travelled just over 4,000 miles to Uganda. There were two additional team members who had never travelled to Africa before: David Cooke, a long serving TFM volunteer, and our very own Trainee Evangelist, Roz Haycock. The team were in Uganda for three weeks. While over there, the main objective was to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those we met, fulfilling the work described in Matthew 28:18-19:

‘Then Jesus came to [his disciples] and said, “All authority in Heaven and on Earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. (NIV)’

The team spent the three weeks travelling across the country to three locations. In each, the team partnered with a local Christian church pastor, whom we had met and worked with on previous trips. Prior to the mission itself, the team had spent time liaising with each pastor, discussing the most effective ways to spend our time to help the locals and to share the Gospel.

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Week 1 was spent in Nakaseke with Daniel Kato. Week 2 was in Kagadi with Eric Tweed and David Cato. Week 3 was in Ndejje and Lubowa, with David Katende.  During the three weeks the team, alongside the local church members, used several different techniques to attract a crowd or to engage with the people around us, to then be able to explain the hope and salvation we find in Jesus Christ. The techniques we used were:

•    Open air crusades (usually in the evenings)
•    Walking from door to door (residential and shop fronts)
•    School visits
•    Prisons visits
•    Hospitals Visits
•    Sunday Morning Preaching
•    Healing Services
•    Radio broadcasts
•    Testimony sharing

Although several team members know a few local phrases, such as ‘Yesu Akwagala’ which means ‘Jesus loves you’, none of us could speak the languages in Uganda fluently; this meant that wherever we went we needed to be supported by Christian translators. Working closely with these translators gave the team the opportunity to get to know these local team members and to hear about their lives and personal struggles, but also to hear what amazing things God has done for them as they grow and develop their personal relationship with Him. In particular, there is one girl, who had volunteered to support the team, whose story and passion for God, and her enthusiasm in reading and studying His word, has gone on to touch the hearts of many in the team.

roz 13 cropHere is an example of some truly amazing reports of what God has been doing during and since the mission. A local witchdoctor who had attended a healing service at one of the churches responded to the message of repentance and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour; he has made a commitment to Christ and has since returned back to the church with all his witchdoctor artefacts, offering for them to be burnt as he takes that step of faith in a new and refreshed life, following the light of Jesus and leaving his old life behind. After this act of complete devotion to leaving the old life behind, many of the witchdoctor’s followers have also arrived at the church, stating that they too want to turn away from their old life and to make a new beginning with Christ at the centre.
God truly is amazing and to hear reports such as this really does show that when you are obedient to Christ, step out and witness about his great love and sacrifice on the Cross, God works in mysterious and powerful ways.

The team, along with the Ugandans, ask that if God has stirred something in your heart as you have read this that you will pray with us for His acts of Grace to continue and for more people to make that commitment to following him.  If you would like to be a part of Through Faith Missions’ work, please contact the office to find out how you can get involved. There are opportunities to be a team member, regular prayer supporter and to receive our weekly prayer email or to become a financial supporter. May God bless you in all that you do. Amen.