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Overseas Missions



These vary from single church missions to towns/cities or groups of villages to large area Walk missions. We particularly have experience of rural missions.


Where ever the mission and no matter the setting, the aim is to go out to people beyond the Church and meet them on their home ground.  There are a vast number of people who need to be reached with the gospel who never go near a church, nor even an Alpha course.


The local church is recognised as the primary body for evangelism so the outreach is done with the church planning the programme devised locally for the incoming Walk team.


Mission Phases and Planning


A Mission has five phases: Mission exploration can begin up to 24 months prior to the mission start although it can certainly be done a lot quicker than that.  

For more information on planning a Mission click here.   For more information on Mission Phases click here   For information about Walk Missions specifically click here.

For a list of upcoming missions click here


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