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We are a member of the Evangelical Alliance, the largest body serving evangelical Christians in the UK: working for a united Church, confident in voice and inspired for mission, We subscribe to the Evangelical Alliance basis of faith.

What We Do


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Through Faith Missions (TFM) exists to do evangelism, serving local churches and Christian organisations and involving many other Christians in the task.

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John Hibberd introduces the work of TFM from Through Faith Missions on Vimeo.

Click above to view a short introduction to our work by John Hibberd, who was TFM's Senior Evangelist up until June 2014.


Through Faith Missions: A Charitable Trust

The Through Faith Missions trust is supported entirely by gifts, from individuals and from churches. We do not charge fees for our work.

Through Faith Missions: History

Through Faith Missions was founded by Rev Daniel Cozens in 1985, who had already been working as an evangelist for a number of years.  The staff team has grown as TFM's ministry has expanded and developed.


Through Faith Missions: Statement of Faith

The Through Faith Missions statement of faith is the Apostles' Creed and we also agree with the Basis of Faith as set out by the Evangelical Alliance. Our vision is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ shared across the UK and we also serve abroad in Uganda and Kenya, where we have worked for a number of years with the Maasai.


TFM serves in partnership with local churches as they engage in mission.

TFM works in partnership with the local church.  We come at the invitation of an organisation, church or group of churches to support and encourage them in their mission work.  We can assist with training in evangelism, mission planning and supply experienced TFM staff and team members to work alongside local leaders and Christians to plan and carryout evangelism from short weekend missions with one or two churches to our large Walk missions involving many different churches and denominations over a large geographical area. 

Over the years TFM has formed a long standing partnership with a number of churches.  The partnerships allow churches to build on the work done on previous missions with TFM, to encourage and develop local church members in evangelism and enable churches to grow with an coherent plan for misison carried out over a number of years.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more about partnering with TFM. 


Click below to view more about our work.


TFM Introduction to our Work from Through Faith Missions on Vimeo.