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This part of the website is separate to the rest of the work of Through Faith Missions. John Hibberd, who used to be on the staff of TFM but is now Mission Development Advisor for the diocese of Sheffield and Rotherham, has written a booklet for Grove Books called Six Big Questions.

The Grove editorial team felt that it would be helpful to add some online study material to supplement the booklet and Through Faith Missions were pleased to host it on their website.

The book and online study material are a great resource for those with questions about faith and a valuable resource for those involved with evangelism and wanting the knowledge to answers questions posed by those who they meet while sharing their faith.


To purchase a copy of the booklet please visit the Grove Books website.


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Choose the theme you want to study by clicking on the box opposite

Each theme relates to a chapter of the Six Big Questions booklet

You will find links to video clips as well as material for individuals and group discussion

The first and fourth chapters link to two sets of study material
These cover different aspects of the chapter

The material expresses the views of the author, John Hibberd, not necessarily of Through Faith Missions. You can use the email address below to give feedback / ask questions.

Copyright for this material belongs to John Hibberd, as with the text of the Grove booklet, but the material is provided for use in study. You are free to download and print these pages.


A list of additional resources is provided here



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