Walk Uganda 2016 

A group of TFM team members have recently finished another of their visitis to Uganda.


Read below a brief report from their mission.


Uganda countrysideThe team of 12 was led by Sid O’Neill with Martin West 2ic & Judy Miller Treasurer. We always give the glory to God.
Weather and travel generally good, 7 of team went down with tummy problems during the 3 weeks. The country was tense given elections and controversial result but we felt your prayers with the result being we were safe and felt peace wherever we went.
Through preaching the Gospel we counted 945 individuals who received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Except for the Prisons, Hospitals & Schools, names were taken and for the most phone numbers too for follow up. Includes Muslims, Cult members, Protestants, Catholics, 7th day Adventists & others plus non believers in an “Open Heaven “ environment.
As well as preaching the Gospel the team gave seminars to equip the saints & gave food & gifts to the poor, needy and those whom the Holy Spirit directed us to.

1st week Life Changing Church, Ndejje, Kampala – Team individually preached in local churches Sunday morning. Throughout the week much door to door opportunities.
Following 2 days was a well attended Youth conference. All Uganda schools were closed from early December as a precaution against unrest with the 5 yearly General Election about to happen. The team participated and there were testimonies from those saved on mission so far and 2 witchdoctors now born again, glory to God.
We visited the main Mulago Hospital – Children’s Ward and Maternity/Post Natal. Also “Mildmay” Aids clinic.
Community “Boda Boda” (Motorcycle) Cavalcade ride in local village en route to a Youth football match (Muslim school 3-2 Christian school)
 Breakfast with Community Pastors. Retreat relax half day at Entebbe Botanical Gardens
Pray for 20 year old Jackie who works 24/7 at our Guest House, who got saved but not allowed time off to go to church.

man with cross2nd week – Church of Uganda, Hoima staying at Mothers Union Hostel.
Sunday services then 2 day visit to Internal Displacement Camps. Much suffering there and practical and spiritual help given.
Celebrations with local Mothers Union.
Door to door near Bulimba Church work mainly to shops.
Visits to Needy homes. Pray for believer & mother Grace who’s husband – a “boda boda” motorcycle taxi rider – was murdered in December leaving her struggling alone.
Thursday – we kept a low profile during election day.
Visit to Hoima Prison where 81 male inmates & 10 female inmates gave their lives to Jesus.

3rd week St. Lukes Church, Kagadi
Visited 5 schools which had now re-opened following 10 week election break.
Visit to Kagadi Hospital – many saved including 52 in Maternity Ward.
Needy Homes visits - Pray for Church warden Elizabeth and son who survive in utter poverty – for roof repairs and education needs most importantly. Other ex church members we visited old and frail and in poverty yet often adopted orphans.
Sid spoke on the local radio on Domestic Violence & education issues.
Mambugu Prison – Sid preached, Martin prayed – we gave soda and food plus 61 men & 1 female saved. Afterwards a Muslim and Bisaka Cult member asked us “What must I do to be saved?”
Pray for Orphan 20year old Pelucy & friend Joyce please – Joyce top girl in Secondary School and best at science, while Pelucy best at Art. Both want to attend University and recommended to us by our host, Canon Archdeacon Captain Reverend Eric Twine, a trusted & loyal friend of ours over many years.
Pray for a young lady, 14, Scovia, who sat with us in tears – no money for school fees and both parents have AIDS the last 3 years.
Last Day – back in Ndejje, Kampala – surprise visit to local Progressive School where we had been twice before. 25 young hands went up for Jesus, and a cripple in wheelchair received Jesus on the way home when Christopher presented the good news Gospel message.
Despite long flight home, Martin was able to watch Wales beat France at Rugby on TV in Dubai Airport! Such was the blessings which flowed on a successful mission with much fruit the end result.