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Through Faith Missions
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Get Involved as a Church 


"The best decision anyone can ever make is to be a follower of Jesus Christ"

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

At TFM our goal is to help everyone hear about Jesus and we have spent more than 30 years working with churches to run local missions, relevant to their community.

So can we help your church?

Whether it’s to plan a specific mission lasting a day, a weekend or longer, or to consider a series of events and activities over a period of time, TFM is here to help.  We have the experience of partnering with many hundreds of churches over the last 30+ years to come alongside and work things through.  

It's your mission; your outreach. 

The idea is not for us to come in and 'do it all for you'.  We will meet with you to plan, train church members and then be alongside you all the way.  If needed, we can help by providing a whole team or teams of Christians from around the country who love to share in this work.

What's the cost?

TFM provides all its time and energy free to the local church.  We do ask for travel costs for TFM staff and some other expenses incurred in your mission such as literature costs to be paid but that's all.  Any volunteers come at their own expense.

The cost really is in your commitment.  Time, energy (physical and spiritual), hospitality (food and lodgings) for staff and volunteers.  Any events that you plan will of course cost to promote and pay for.

We will ask you to consider a gift to our work either as a one-off donation or perhaps as a portion of your mission tithe for a period of time.  This is so that we can continue to help as many as possible in the great task of sharing the gospel.

What's the benefit?

Whether your church is used to doing outreach or not, most could do with some extra help and support in getting things together.  Why re-invent the wheel every time when you could call on the experience of so many other people?

And then there is the lasting benefit.  The idea is not to see this as a one-off campaign but as a church 'life changing' experience; to change the mind-set, reaching out again and again, to make outreach the main focus of what we do as Christians.

Can we involve other churches?

Absolutely.  We welcome and indeed encourage churches in a village, town, benefice, circuit, deanery or whatever area description you can apply, to work together.  We may have our differences, not least in styles of worship; however, we share the common task of the great commission to '...go and make disciples...'.   We find one of the benefits of this approach is the increased awareness of the commonalities between us rather than the differences.

If you want to develop this approach we will need to involve leaders from all the churches in a planning task force team.  We would be very willing to come to an initial gathering of leaders and answer any questions you may have before any decisions are made.

How long should we plan for?

The term 'piece of string' comes to mind!  Basically it's never too early to start thinking about this.  We are currently preparing for missions planned for up to 2 years away. 

We need to be realistic.  Plan too far in advance and it's difficult to get 'steam up'; plan late and everything has to be done at a rush.

What do we do first?

Take the first step of realising that we need to share the gospel, not just with those who walk through our doors, with whom we perhaps already have contact, but those out there in the community who never darken our doors.

Then give us a call to chat through what we can offer in the way of help and support. If agreeable, we will suggest one of our mission staff come and meet you and discuss how to take this forward or not.

TFM's involvement can be as big or small as you want it to be. The key thing is that we partner with you to reach out into your community.