43725Matthew1926 smallAn encouraging story

A lot of what we do at TFM is sowing the seeds that others reap but occasionally we hear stories about the fruit from our work and how God has worked transforming lives.  This is a story of one such life that God touched from a recent mission. (Names have been changed for confidentiality)

Christina, a TFM team member, received this email from a team member from the local church where the mission was held.
" Hi Christina   Pray you are well. Well you've done it again; do you remember Gill that we visited together?  Well she is being confirmed on 5th March 6pm and she would like you to be there if possible. Let me know if you can make it please.
We have a mighty GOD.  "

Christina writes:

Gill was a lady we visited one afternoon – she had been encouraged to contact the local church by a paramedic who had been called to attend her.  Gill had had alcohol problems in her past and she had a recurrence of drinking which resulted in a fall.   So we went to visit, heard her life story and prayed with her.  She came to the Harvest service on the Sunday and I introduced her to Jean who had come to faith as a result of our last TFM mission weekend the year before.
I did get to the confirmation service and spoke with Gill.   “It’s changed my life” she told me – giving me the biggest of hugs and thanking me for the visit to her home.   She has become great friends with Jean – I think they are a support to each other.   Gill’s husband Andrew was at the confirmation.   He was present in the house when we visited – mainly in another room – and whilst supportive, seems to be keeping his distance from being drawn into attending church with Gill...............at the moment!  So an encouragement for us all – the smiles on Gill’s face on Sunday evening brought tears to my eyes when I remembered the troubled lady we went to see.   She has a new life now, full of hope – God really has “called her by name”.