Anchor of Hope Mission   
Bexhill 31st May - 4th June 2017

roger 1A TFM team comprising Roger Murphy, Pat Webster, Valerie Jacobs, Roz Haycock, Terry Saunders, Tony Fitzpatrick and David Culhane arrived on Wednesday in Bexhill at the Living Word Church in good time for a meal and a commissioning service.    The programme involved door to door on both Thursday and Friday with a Quiz night, a Film evening, a breakfast, a fun afternoon on the esplanade and a thanksgiving service.  The church members were fully supportive and they came out on the doors with team members. benchThe events went well, especially the open air on Saturday afternoon where we had face painting, games, a Christian magic man and Roger sharing the Gospel with presentations to families with many children impacted, while the team were engaged in 1 to 1 conversations all around the immediate area.  Sunday morning was a real Pentecost blessing with a number being led to faith and being filled with The Spirit !  There were 10 positive responses/commitments plus 3 from the doors.    The mission was locally planned and implemented by Martin West, an long time TFMer whom many know as it was his church.    Please pray for Martin and Rev Dale Barrett as they follow up on the contacts made and run an Alpha course which had a mixture of 16 attending the first meeting – a real encouragement for all.