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  enewsletter     May 2019
Engaging in Mission

Through Faith Missions  (TFM) exists to do evangelism, serving churches and organisations, involving many Christians in the task.
Sunday 2nd June 2019

Wear Your Through Faith Missions Sweatshirt Day!!!

Yes! Get your sweatshirt out (doesn’t matter which colour or date)… and wear it on Sunday June 2nd.

Why? Because the sweatshirts cause people to ask questions… and you can tell them:-

Yes! TFM is alive, well and very busy;

Yes! We need team members, we need prayer partners, we need finance;

Yes! We can put you on the mailing list and/ or prayer email list

Yes! We would love to speak at your church;
And then take a selfie of you in your sweatshirt … with the minister or vicar if you like… and
send it to Mike in the office and post it on your Facebook page.


TFM Annual Conference 2019
Our Yearly gathering – When all of us - the Through Faith Missions family - get together ….

The occasion when we celebrate all that has been – and all that will be (so many mission opportunities coming in ..)…

This year is particularly important as we give thanks for Roger Murphy’s ministry as he retires.

Come for the celebration, come for the prayer, come for the fellowship….
Just come along…. And bring someone new to introduce to our amazing family.

Sign up now in our website shop

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