TFM Annual Conference 2019

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Conf aThis year’s annual TFM conference was held at St Peter’s church in Yaxley near Peterborough.  Many thanks to the members of the local church who made us very welcome and supported us on the day.  We were blessed with a warm and sunny day and the beautiful church grounds provided a lovely setting for us to sit and have lunch.  The worship for the day was led by Tim Hall’s daughter Floss and her husband Josh.  Josh is Worship Director at Gold Hill Baptist church in London and he and Floss led us in several worship session throughout the day.  Prayers were led by Tim’s wife Georgina who had produced some art work as a focus for our prayers.
Roger Murphy opened the conference with a reading from John 15 telling of the importance of leading lives that are close to God and that comes from spending time with him.  He reminded us that who we are is the most important thing and not what we do, and we must spend time with God to keep our lives focused on him and to bear fruit for him.  When we keep close to Christ, his will becomes our will.  He emphasised the need to keep watch so that over time we do not drift away from Christ and lose focus on what he is calling us to do.  

Next Jim Fleming updated us on his work in Ireland over the last year and the preparation for the Gathered in Mission to be held in Ireland from 21 September to 6 October.  The invitation to do the mission came from Bishop Ferran Glenfield who Roger had worked with previously. Much of Jim’s time this year has been spent travelling around trying to encourage churches to get involved in the mission.  He talked of his love for street evangelism and the opportunities that he and his wife had to work together and also his work with David Kelly a singer and evangelist who will also be involved with the Gathered In mission.
During the afternoon Roger reflected on his 40 years of working with TFM and what he had learnt and the team took the opportunity to present Roger with a football shirt and a framed collage of pictures taken from various missions Roger had served on over the years.  Roger spoke of how he had led over five hundred missions and led many thousands to Christ. He had met Daniel Cozens and Peter Adams from TFM early in his Christian life and during his years had been blessed by many others who had worked alongside him.

Conf bDavid Baslington, Paul Preston, chair of the trustees, and Tim Hall took the opportunity to speak of some of our plans for the coming year.  David mentioned that the current lease on the office is due to run out next year and TFM was in discussion with the Diocese of Ely, who own the office, over our future in Coton.  Recruitment for a new evangelist to replace Roger was well under way with some good candidates who had already applied, and interviews were coming up in the next few weeks.  David summarised our current financial position which was strong because of a number of legacies we had received recently but the number of regular monthly donations was continuing to fall and we would need to encourage more regular donations and legacies if we are to carry on our work in the future.



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