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 Saturday 30 May to Sunday 7 June

Now the mission has completed here is a link to a feedback summary from Tim Hall.

A Daily blog of how the mission panned out

For starters, here is a video link; Dan Holland explains what Light 2020 is all about.

Sunday 7 June

Join us on TFM Facebook for the Thanksgiving service

Light 2020 Thanksgiving

Meridian Benefice service today 

Sunday worship at Oakington.

oakington worship

Jeremy at Bluntisham et al (Meridian Benefice)
1. Where do you see God at work in this mission?
I believe God has been at work in the lives of us ordinary Christians, team members, some church members and the leaders just stepping out in faith no matter any obvious fruit or effect. God calls us to obedience and trust. It has been great to see and hear the stories of God in people's lives and no doubt an encouragement as much to us as it is to others as we are reminded of God's faithfulness.
I was reminded of these words as I thought about this "Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing." 1 Thessalonians 5:11. Our daily bread is encouragement in the Lord.
There has also been a greater degree of unity and willingness to work together. Leadership and guidance have proved challenging, particularly with the IT but God is showing me and no doubt all of us how he wants us to grow in many different ways.
2. What is working?
Well, I am tempted to skip this as it might be easier to do the next question. BUT, it is amazing that we have done something at all, the IT has worked, and we have had contributions from around the globe, okay not that far afield, but on our team reasonably far and wide, N Ireland, Southampton and Edinburgh and other places. We are able to share heartfelt faith stories and still engage with real people albeit on the screen. The posters and prayer cards helped and we know of at least one enquiry response through that. We have had some personal interest stories, including mountaineering and caving called "Standing on the rock!" that has engaged and included their faith.
We have actually had good team times and loads of prayer which to my shame I don't always look forward too as much as I should. An opportunity to talk to God and actually try and listen to Him.
We have persevered and God has helped us do that. We have learnt new things about IT but also about each other and God at work in people's lives.
3. What has not worked?
Outreach or so it would seem. We have not had the opportunity to speak to the stranger or knock on doors and share the gospel or pray for people in the same way as we would on the ground. The church has not invited, or been able to invite their friends, family or neighbours to come to planned meetings. Does that mean the mission has failed? I don't think so as we continue to "mission" to ourselves and each other in preparation to be ready to share. Of course we long for so much more.
4. What is your highlight so far?
Perhaps selfishly, getting through this and having a sense of peace about it all while still working from home and doing other things. It may not be apparent to others but I have been inspired and empowered by God's Holy Spirit and had some great moments of sharing and small ideas of how to do things as we have come together. To not worry. And to see other team members engage and share.
I believe I have seen this in others although there is frustration. The single enquiry through a prayer card even before we got started was great.

Saturday 6 June

David Robbins, Stretham
1.            Where do you see God at work in this mission?  In prayer.
2.            What is working?  Building Church relations.
3.            What not worked?  Engaging with the community.
4.            Whats your highlight so far?  Healings.

Kevin, St Ives
1) God is at work with the local Church people.
2)Using the peace/love cards and survey forms through doors. One or two people have responded. Prayer walking with local pastor and selected locals provides opportunities for conversations. Also having a techno on the team ( Jason)
3) Kept it simple so everything has worked.
4)No real highlight so far praying that something will stand out.

Chris, Huntingdon

1.            Where do you see God at work in this mission?  Most notably in the Healing Service – many folk receiving prayer for themselves and for others.  Many experienced healing there and then.  I think that the church leaders appreciated an opportunity to share about their challenges, and our prayers for them`.
2.            What is working? The church had scheduled coffee morning and afternoon tea sessions by Zoom. Afternoon sessions better attended than coffee mornings.  Good opportunity for sharing testimony, and encouraging the believers but I think virtually all those attending were from the church – the request that people in the church invite friends did not happen.
3.            What not worked?  Shortly before the start of the mission, I decided to ditch the idea of having telephone ministry.  There was not a technological solution that the team members could have got on top of in time given the short lead in time and was consistent with the church’s policy requirement for two persons to be on every call
4.            Whats your highlight so far?  Definitely the healing service
Dan in Oakington
1) praying for church people. Huge reach online. Working with great core team at Oakington.
2) strong relationships forming with the core team. A lot of prayer has gone up which will be answered.
3) especially last two days the gazebos not used (quite cold and windy). Not the response to the cards we hoped for, yet!
4) church members opening up for deep level of prayer. At last minute notice putting out 5 assemblies of high standard which are viewed by kids and parents.

George, Stilton group….
1. Where did you see God at work?
In the team.  Reaching those who are housebound.
2.What is working?  The developing knowledge and use of IT!  The strengths of the team, Sally, Christopher and Mark with there specific talents.
3.What is not working?  Not enough preparation.  We haven't reached as many people (we don't think).  Team members need training on video presentations.
4. What was your highlight?  The use of Zoom and the prayer walking and prayer table.  The Stilton group YouTube which is still in its infancy.

Friday 5 June

David Kelly's concert with the songs and story of U2 is the FB page

George reports from the Stilton team

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Prayer table referred to George's video report

Jeremy writes from the Bluntisham team.

'We had a wonderful time enjoying a quiz on Wednesday evening including a personal testimony and the gospel was shared. It was fun, with learning and laughter had by all and we were encouraged in a fellowship gathering of about 12.
On Thursday evening we had another modest but again encouraging zoom gathering of 10/11, considering the survey questions we normally ask and how and why we might respond clearly in our own faith. Another personal testimony was shared and we also considered other questions. It was a good time of sharing personal experiences of God, reflecting and growing.
These are strange times but we thank God for the technology that has enabled us to connect with one another from far and wide locations and although possibly with limited engagement with non believers we are nevertheless encouraging each other, the local church and growing in faith. God is at work within us and no doubt moving us on for new things.     God bless,

Three videos from Oakington
Day 4 Report

Day 4 Assembly

Day 5 Assembly

Thursday 4 June

Prayer walking the bus way, which links St Ives through to Oakington, led by Dan. Socially distanced of course.
prayer walk bus way

Tim writes; 

Really interesting mission this one…
Dan in Oakington who isn’t seeing the spectacular but the steady, little encounters and opportunities for prayer;
David Robbins in Stretham whose healing service yesterday attracted 8 …that’s got to be good; Bluntisham et al – prayer walked and saw no-one, but Georgina on the prayer stand in Colne had a prayer opportunity that was even identified as a God encounter by the recipient;
Haddon, where Richard the vicar is allowing a distanced prayer station today and tomorrow in Stilton  2-4pm.

The ‘element of surprise’ is the thing, I think.  There was a bizarre picture given at in a worship session by my daughter Floss and her husband Josh, that Light 2020 was a battleship silently getting into position – unseen, unnoticed, but absolutely effective.

We can be so distracted by what isn’t (technology not working or being odd; lack of response to posters; no surveys completed; no response from the cards) that we fail to see what is… there are two responses  to the cards in Bluntisham; there are 8 coming to a healing in Stretham, there is an opportunity for prayer in Stilton…

It's going to take some prayer and reflection to see the wood for the trees in all this, I think.
God bless

Two videos prepared by Claire for assemblies in Stretham

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Sorry, your browser is unable to play this type of file. You can still download it

Wednesday 3 June

The David Kelly's 'Johnny Cash' concert from today is available here.

Jonny Cash concert 300px

David writes from  Stretham and Little Thetford.
'Yesterday we prayed with 4 team and one church member on zoom with a lady at her request. The lady was  listening in on her speaker phone. I just got this text from church member:

'Be encouraged. Just spoken to 'X' . She had never experienced tingles before, soft gentle tingles in her as she was prayed for yesterday. She can hardly believe it. She has no pain. She is thanking and praising Jesus.' '


Team report for Bluntisham from Jeremy.

Tim writes 'Ambling down a path in St Ives with Jason and a lady asks who we are. I explain, offer prayer - yes please! She says.... I asked if she knew Jesus and she did...prayed for her and the HS did his stuff...many problems in her life and she has to leave st Ives ...worried about the move, the new town, how to connect with a church. Where are you going, I said? O we can help you then, if you like? The team leader lives in that town. God is quite good at this.'

Day 3 assembly at Oakington.  Participation in the dancing compulsory!

Testimony by Maria

Tuesday 2 June

Oakington photos

oakington mix1v2

Bluntisham photos

bluntisham mix1

David writes from  Stretham and Little Thetford.

We have been having some technical issues so do apologise to anyone who has tried to access a meeting but has not been able too, however we believe we are now on track for this afternoons trip to Uganda with Sidney and Judy Miller and would love it if anyone want to join us; Zoom meeting code is 819 332 0770 and the password is 2020TFM at 2.30 to 3.30 pm.

The solo cross channel trip was a little lumpy yesterday afternoon!

Even before we arrived (virtually of course) for the mission, someone in one of the parishes saw a poster, contacted a local church and asked for prayer.

We have had fantastic support from the local church family who have suffered with us through the team leaders technical ineptitude. Thank you Stretham and Little Thetford.
Come on Jesus!

Kevin writes this report from St Ives.

We had an interesting day yesterday in St Ives.  Started sharing in the market place where there were lots of people.  Came across a new problem though when standing waiting to talk with stall holder; people think you are forming a queue and line up behind you!

Talking with a young man selling eggs who looked to nature with possibly a higher being in control of that which obviously led to our creator God.

Prayer walking is going well and we re also putting Peace cards and Love cards through doors also personal belief Survey forms (online version here).

Sidney and Judy joined us in the afternoon, Sidney sharing with a painter and able to give him a New Testament and Psalm Bible.

George brings a report from day 1 in Haddon.

Sorry, your browser is unable to play this type of file. You can still download it

And Oakington brings us their first virtual school assembly. 

And if you follow the links at the end you can see other reports from Oakington; Day 1 and a testimonies from June and Maria.


Monday 1 June

The Mission Centre teams held their first full team times together this morning.
The first prayer sessions will be offered in both Oakington and Bluntisham today.  

Video received from George Martin this morning.

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Sunday 31 May

Teams dropped in virtually to a number of morning services.  Testimonies shared.
The Commissioning Service was held and streamed live to TFM's FaceBook page.  A few gremlins crept in with lost sound at the beginning and end.  Not quite BBC standard yet!

Here is the Commissioning service video from Sunday 31 May 2020.


Saturday 30 May

Plans/programmes mostly completed.  Leaflet deliveries done in villages.

First response to a card through the door.  A man called the Vicar in Bluntisham and they had a long productive chat/  Please pray for this man that his journey will continue and faith grow.

Received the following video from George Martin in Haddon explaining to the local community what is going on.

Friday 29 May

With 2 days to go, here are the Team Programmes. 

Central events - everyone taking part.

Sun 31 May - 3pm - Commissioning Service live streamed on FB
Wed 3 June - 1pm - David Kelly concert.  The songs of Jonny Cash and testimony
Friday 5 June - 7pm - David Kelly concert.  The songs of Jonny Cash and testimony
Sun 7 June - 3pm - Thanksgiving service live streamed on FB

Each day the teams will meet via a Zoom meeting to prayer and share together, usually in the morning around 8am,  along with any locals who wish to join them.  You can find the daily studies here.

At other times the teams will engage in conversations with anyone who is willing to chat on the phone or via video call and praying (some are using maps to do virtual prayer walking).

Monday 7pm - Standing on the Rock.  Ali Stevens talks about mountain climbing and caving.
Tuesday 7pm - Quirks of vicarage life by Georgina Hall.
Tuesday 8pm - Men’s group – joined by two members of the team.
Wednesday 7pm - Quiz.
Thursday 7pm - Grill a Christian.
Saturday 8.30am - Big Breakfast - Robert Jones ‘What on earth am I here for?’
Saturday 7.30pm - Healing service

St Ives
Sunday 10.30 - The team share in the morning service, introductions and testimonies, all via video links
Monday - Prayer walking around St Ives and distributing faith surveys as appropriate (always maintaining social distancing)
Tuesday - Prayer walking
Wednesday - Prayer walking
Wednesday 7.30 - Quiz
Saturday 7.30pm - Healing service
Sunday 10.30 - The team share in the morning service, testimonies and stories from the week, all via video links

oakington gazebo

Sunday 10.30 - The team share in the morning service, introductions and testimonies, all via video links..  Also for virtual coffee afterwards.
Daily through the week - The Team join with the Church's regular morning prayers at 9.30, Virtual coffee at 11.00am, Afternoon tea at 3pm and bible study at 7.30pm
Thursday 7.30pm - Healing service
Sun 10.30 - The team share in the morning service, testimonies and stories from the week, all via video links with coffee after.

Stretham and Little Thetford

stretham programme