Conference 2021 and Walk the Way

Thanksgiving and Celebration Service

Sat 4 September


What an amazing day this was!

Not only was the weather stunning – with sunshine and warm breezes; not only was the venue superb – an enclave of beautiful countryside; not only was it the successful conclusion of Walk the Way but it was also a gathering of the TFM family.
And it’s so good to be together again - to hear the stories of what God has been doing; to hear of lives transformed and faith lived out – to celebrate the extraordinary Walk the Way mission and to look forward to all that God has planned for us with three missions before the end of the year!

Obviously, the main focus was Walk the Way – and rightly so, but we also reflected on the success of the TFM Coffee Mornings and the use of Prayer Warrior Teams.  The day included two periods of extended prayer and worship.

The TFM family is a wonderful thing that God is blessing; it’s so good to catch up with old friends and to meet some newcomers, too. One person had never met us before and afterwards they wrote and said ‘I have never sensed God’s peace fall so heavily on any other gathering; I was struck by the immense humility of everyone going for God…

Truly a wonderful time! 


Opening worship and talk by Tim Hall, TFM CEO

Morning Talks

Dan Holland, Evangelist
Georgina Hall, Mission Enabler
David Baslington, Administrator



Via Beata

A talk by Steve Eggleton, Founder of the Via Beata, The Way of Blessing

Service of Celebration and Thanksgiving for Walk the Way

Led by Georgina Hall


New TFM Promotional video (based on WtW)