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Through Faith Missions
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Peddars Way Evangelistic Walk Mission 

Friday 2 Sept

Tuesday, the team spent the night at Gt Bircham St Mary.  The team then moved on arriving in Fring on Wednesday staying in the church there for the night before then moving on again to Sedgford.  Although they didn't have any food during the day, an evening meal was provided for them by a couple they met at the church. 

A number of conversations with people they have met both out and about and when door knowing at various places.  Praying with people for both physical and spiritual matters.  They are all in good spirits, enjoying serving, worshipping and praying together..

Week 2 Team in Great Massingham

The week 2 team consists of Mark and Lambrini Featherston, Maureen Keepin and led by George Martin.  They spent the first couple of nights in Great Massingham Church where they were wonderfully welcomed at a moments notice and food provided.  They are in good spirits with a number of great conversations already.

Prayer Warriors

So grateful for all those who pray for the teams when they are away on mission.  Many of you unsung (but no less important) but those specifically in the PW teams.  For week 1 it was Sidney, Judy, Peter, John G, John M, Jo and Christopher.  For week 2 it is Colin, Tricia, George, Gillian, Peter, Audrey and Chris.

Team handover - Saturday 27 August

The 2 teams met at Castle Acre to handover.  Here we see both teams together with Dan's daughter Anna joining in.
L-R: Dan Holland, Chris Bent, Lambrini Featherston, Richard Winski, Mark Featherston, Georgina Hall (who joined to welcome teams and perform a brief service of thanksgiving and commissioning),George martin, Pat Webster, Matthew Cheer, Maureen Keepin and Arthur Young.

Week 1 Team on the go 

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Team went off in good spirits praising God!
They spent the first night in a churchyard as no access to a key to the church. Day 2 team stayed in Great Hocken doing prayer walking and door-knocking, with little food to eat.
Team moved on to Watton, after some failed attempts to connect with local churches, God finally led them to pastor Nick and his newly established Purpose Church, who not only brought supplies of food, but also supplies of manpower.
Then team spent a wonderful afternoon door-knocking with new team members from Purpose Church, a wonderful couple R and R who gave the team lunch and shower, what a blessing !
Then the floodgates of provision have opened along with the heavens! More door-knocking in Watton, on to Castle Acre tomorrow!

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