walk the way

19 June to 4 September 2021

Walk the Way has now completed but you can read all about it here and using
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Calling radical followers of Jesus to have new adventures on ancient paths

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Walk the Way is a major mission that TFM is planning for 2021.  We plan to walk right across the UK from St David's in the West to Lowestoft in the East, starting at both ends and meeting in the middle.  We will broadly follow the route of the 'Via Beata' footpath.  The route will be split into 22 sections and teams of up to ten members will cover a section a week, a total of 11 weeks (11 from each end).

Here comes the difference!!

In recent years most of our missions have been carefully planned. In collaboration with local churches we have arranged accommodation and meals for team members and churches have prepared events and outreach opportunities.  Walk the way will be different.  We recognise that many small rural churches are in crises, with crumbling buildings, few members and little money. We will be stepping out in faith that each day God will provide the accommodation that we need but not necessarily what we want! 

Tim Hall, TFM's CEO writes:

"This is going to be tough, stretching and completely out of your comfort zone. Leave technology behind. Expect to finish the walk a transformed person. Is God calling you to join us?"

Interested? Find out more details about the mission click here

prayer gradientPrayer Support

You may not feel that this type of mission is for you but we would urge you to join us by praying for the mission as we prepare for it.  We are calling on all our team members to pray for the mission as we prepare for it and then to commit to a week of the mission when they will pray for one hour a day. 

If you are interested in being a Prayer Warrior for this mission then please sign up here and we will keep you informed of what to pray for and coordinate the prayer cover for each of the weeks.