Enews 2 April 2018

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  enewsletter 2    April  2018
Engaging in Mission

Through Faith Missions  (TFM) exists to do evangelism, serving churches and organisations, involving many Christians in the task.
TFM Young Adults Summer Mission

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This summer, Roz Haycock, one of TFM's evangelists, will be leading a mission in Hungerford where we are encouraging young adults in the age range 18 - 35 years to join us on mission.  We are aware at TFM that this is an age range that is not currently well represented in our team members and we are now activley recruiting and training young adults.

Roz will be organising two Training and Selection weekends.  The first will cover the East of England and will be held in Peterborough from 6:30pm on Friday 1st June to 6pm on Saturday 2nd June.  The second will cover the West and be in Basford, Newcaslte-Under Lyme from 6:30pm on Friday 20th July to 6pm on Saturday 21st July.  The mission itself will be on the 10th - 12th August in Hungerford.

Please help us
by publicising these events and considering who you know, in this age range, who might be interested.  Fliers can be downloaded here and printed fliers can be obtained by contacting the TFM office. 
Want to get involved!!

If you want to find out more about the mission then contact Roz at   roz@throughfaithmissions.org

You can sign up for one of the two training weekends online on Eventbrite

Follow the mission on Facebook

TFM Annual Conference 2018
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 You can sign up to attend the conference here.
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General Data Protection Regulation   GDPR

gdprIn May 2018, a new law will come into effect which will strengthen data protection for everyone and give all of us more control over the way that organisations look after our personal details.  In order for us to continue to contact you we need your permission. 

Please go to our web page:
www.throughfaithmissions.org/gdpr  and select your preferred method of contact or download and return the letter sent out with our newsletter.

We value your support and don't want to lose touch so please respond.
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